Be Simply Stylish

9 Simple Rules

There are women who have a sense of style literally in their blood.  It is a real talent, they know how to choose the right clothes and accessories, on the go and playfully. This is called a natural sense of style. It’s not for everyone. But setting a goal and developing a sense of style is something every woman can do. If you realize that there really is something wrong with your closet, that you don’t always dress stylish, and you have a feeling that you could do better. Then you’re ready to work on yourself.

Here are some tips on where to start and how to buy things correctly

How to be Stylish
  1. You have to like the thing 100%. You don’t have to buy something just to buy it. You have to like every single thing you buy. You enjoy walking in it, holding it in your hands, even just looking at it when it’s hanging on the rack.
  2.  There is no need to rush into purchases. It is better to avoid situations where you have to buy something urgently in a very short time. It is better to walk around in an old one and have a good look to see if you really like this thing. Do not put yourself in a time frame. You are bound to buy something wrong.
  3. No compromises. One of the most important points. When buying a new thing, there should be no compromises. For example, you found a super trendy skirt, it’s a very good discount, it’s great quality, but it doesn’t fit you perfectly. It spoils the figure, makes your hips wider / narrower, it digs into your stomach, or the size is not quite your size. But you talk yourself into buying it, well it’s fashionable and at a great price. No, you can not do that. When buying, the thing must meet all of your criteria. And the quality and size, and fit for your figure, this thing must adorn you. It is better to refuse to buy, if anything contradicts your expectations.
  4. Have your basic closet. A basic closet is a set of simple, mostly solid-colored items that make up the entire backbone of exactly your everyday style. For every woman, the basic closet will be different. These things should fit perfectly into your lifestyle, be of good quality and colors that suit you.
  5. Attention to detail. It’s the details that make the style. You can wear a simple gray down jacket, but pick up a scarf to it, and tie it in such a way that you look super stylish. Do not skimp on accessories. Pay a lot of attention to their choice. After all, they have a retroactive effect. Poorly selected accessories can ruin the most elegant and expensive outfit. Do not forget about the jewelry. It can be a minimalist expensive earrings or a very fashionable and interesting bracelet. The main rule is not to go overboard.
  6. Individuality. First you have to know exactly what suits you, what colors, what style, what length. If you’re not sure you know this, go and try on clothes in stores, look and evaluate. For example, if you’ve never worn floor-length dresses or boots, it’s time to find out if they suit you. Always consider what fits and what doesn’t, what decorates and what ugly. You should be aware of fashion trends, but you don’t have to blindly follow fashion. Not everything that is on trend will make you a better person.
  7. Quality is more important than quantity. This is hard to grasp at first, but just accept it. The excuse that it’s better to have ten sweaters and change them all the time is nonsense. It’s better to have one good sweater that looks decent than ten cheap synthetic sweaters. Yes, they are different, but they will all just scream lack of taste.
  8. Observe the dress code and remember to be appropriate. When you’re going somewhere be sure to take into account the upcoming environment. If it’s a theater, choose one outfit, if going out of town, a completely different one. Think about it in advance. Do not excuse yourself due to lack of time or a wild desire to wear an evening dress in the woods. All this looks inappropriate and ridiculous.
  9. To be beautiful and well-groomed always. The key word is always. And at work and at home and anywhere else you need to be at your best. Housewear should be no less beautiful than the street. Pedicure is also needed in winter. You should be physically uncomfortable to be ungroomed and unkempt.

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