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Hot Rules: Summer Hair Care

Heat, dryness, ultraviolet rays, sea salt – all these can negatively affect the condition of strands. Let’s find out how to care for your locks properly during the warm season so that you look perfect both in the office and at the beach!

The main enemies of hair in spring and summer

Sadly, it’s the very factors that make us love summer so much that are damaging our hair! The moment we’re lounging in the sun somewhere on a deserted beach, the summer “agents” – air, water and sun – come into play. Let’s deal with each of them separately.


The heated summer air is similar to the air blowing out of a hair dryer – dry and very hot. It works in a similar way: it makes curls brittle, drys out the ends, and deprives hair of the moisture it needs.


There is nothing wrong with water as such for hair. But seawater is actually kind of salty, and when it dries, it leaves your locks covered in tiny particles of sea salt. This, combined with the hot air, can also rob hair of its moisture supply and cause it to dry out.


The sun not only heats up the summer air, but also increases the level of ultraviolet radiation. Thus, just staying outdoors, even in the shade, even with dry hair is dangerous for the curls.

What should be the care of hair in the summer at home?

Summer hair care should include many rituals that are not necessary in the cold. And the composition of products that we use in summer must be different from the composition of winter grooming complexes.

We asked SalonSecret experts to give their recommendations for those who strive to keep their hair beautiful and healthy even during the hot season.


Because of the aggressive environment cleaning of hair in summer should be as regular and as gentle as possible. Choose shampoos with a lower pH level – they don’t dry out your locks as much, on the contrary, they soften them slightly.

Clean your hair thoroughly. Once a week you can resort to a scrub, which will remove dirt and dead particles from the scalp. The rest of the time your favorite shampoo will do for washing, although if you use a hair dryer, it is better to choose a product with a prefix “moisturizing.


In summer, our diet changes – it increases the amount of seasonal fruits and vegetables that contain maximum vitamins. The same approach is necessary for hair: choose nutritious vitamin masks, and increase their use from once a week to two or three times. Your locks will love it!


Moisturizing should be versatile: it is important to use a moisturizing conditioner, often rinse curls on hot days with plain water, and also drink a lot. That way your hair can get all the liquid it needs, both inside and out.


UV rays have a negative impact on hair health, even if you prefer to spend time in the shade under an umbrella – anyway, under UV exposure the hair cuticle is gradually destroyed. That’s why it’s important to add at least one product with a high SPF-protection factor to your grooming ritual, such as an oil or cream.


All these measures will be enough if you spend the summer in the city and lead a normal lifestyle. If you plan to go to the coast, however, be sure to take care of revitalizing products, which is important to apply to the curls after visiting the beach or swimming in the pool. This can be an indelible spray or hair oil.

Salon hair care treatments

Ask your salon technician for one of these treatments: these beauty rituals will help protect your curls from the negative effects of the sun, salt water, and hot air.

To summarize the post, we can say that, despite the large amount of knowledge, hair care in the summer time is not so complicated – the main thing is just to work out your system. But what to do with dry hair after the summer, we will tell in the following materials.