how to grow long hair

How to grow long hair

Do you know how many queries are handled monthly by search engines on the phrase “How to grow hair in a day, a week, a month?” or “How to grow long hair at home?” Over 35,000 queries! You can imagine, that’s almost a quarter of those about to take the 2019 Uniform State Exam. Impressive, isn’t it?

From dry numbers, let’s move on to realities: long and thick hair is a dream for many girls, which in the XXI century has become a reality. However, to grow it naturally (without resorting to the help of extensions) in a short time (before the prom or a date) is unlikely to work. In this article we will share tips to make your hair grow faster, more beautiful and well-groomed! We will tell you what keratin products are best to use for hair care.

How to grow hair quickly?

Surely you’ve seen in social networks or on various forums tempting ads that promise you hair like Kim Kardashian or Ariana Grande, you just need to buy a miracle cure and rub it into your scalp for twenty minutes, stimulating and activating “sleeping” hair follicles. So, to grow your desired long hair – not a problem, but to keep the length of your dreams, to maintain the health of your hair and scalp – another Challenge, which you will need to take with honor and dignity.

As a rule, such miracle cures have a fairly aggressive composition, which can cause allergic reactions, itching and discomfort. It is possible that hair growth will intensify during the use of the product, but we advise you to approach the issue comprehensively.

What affects the rate of hair growth?

We all know: every organism is individual and therefore we are not like each other, for this special thanks to genetics. It is genetics – hereditary factors – that determines not only talents and physical abilities, predisposition to some diseases, but also the activity of the bulbs.

Have you ever noticed that someone’s hair literally grows like yeast (long, thick, in a word, luxurious), although the girl didn’t make any efforts, and someone rubs various oils into hair roots, makes many hours of masks, resorts to folk remedies, professional procedures, but hair does not grow and does not become thicker. Change the genetics will not work, even if folk remedies, “grandmother’s” methods, cosmetic procedures and best girlfriend says otherwise. Do not worry!

If you still set a goal to grow long and healthy hair, try to watch:

  • Your health. It’s the commonplace truth, but it is on how dysfunction thyroid, how high stress, how “malfunction” hormonal background depends not only the hair, but your health in general. Start taking care of your health now, and you’ll thank yourself later;
  • Your diet. Eating right is not only a trend, but also an effective help in the fight for dream length. Eliminate fatty, salty, canned and spicy foods. The coveted fast food – only on holidays!
  • Consume enough water. Remember: juices, tea, sodas, coffee, energy drinks are liquids, but not pure table water. Drink your daily norm, replacing water with fruit tea or favorite coffee (at the rate of 30 ml of water per 1 kg of weight), and you will see how the state of your hair has changed and how your complexion has improved;
  • Timely intake of vitamin complexes, which may include biotin (improves the health of not only hair but also skin and nails), vitamin A (eliminates dullness and promotes elasticity and hair growth), vitamin E (has a strengthening effect on the bulb), etc.

How long does it take to grow long hair?

Hair growth is cyclic and can be divided into three stages:

  • The active growth stage lasts from 2-3 years (sometimes longer).
  • The resting stage lasts for 2-3 weeks.

The activity of the hair follicles decreases, they become thinner, the color becomes duller and hair development stops.

  • Stage of hair loss.

At this stage (3 months) hair growth stops, as a consequence, it falls out, after which the cycle of hair growth repeats.

Interesting math: on average hair grows back by 0,05 mm. per day, by 0,35 mm. per week, so you can grow 1-1,5 cm. per month, i.e. ~18 cm. per year, if you don’t cut ends.

Can I grow out my hair in one month?

Of course you can! On average your hair grows back 1-1,5 cm in one month. However, do not expect that in a month your hair will eclipse the luxurious plait of Rapunzel. In the month that you are given, try to learn how to eat right, control your stress levels, spend more time outdoors and take vitamins for the beauty and health of your hair. Perhaps this month will allow you to reconsider your habits and change your lifestyle?

How to grow hair quickly at home?

“How to grow hair if it does not grow?”, “How to accelerate hair growth at home?” – Are you familiar with such inquiries? All folk recipes that promise to grow hair by 15 cm. in a month, first of all, do not work, and secondly, consist of aggressive pepper tincture or mustard powder.

Of course, such a mixture, applied to the hair roots, accompanied by a head massage, will stimulate hair growth, activate “sleeping” bulbs, but meanwhile, it will literally dry out the scalp and cause unpleasant feelings. In the hope of growing your hair quickly and at any cost, you forget the most important thing – the condition of your hair. You might get your dream length, but will your hair be healthy and beautiful?

Do not forget: beautiful and long hair – a long process in which it is important complex measures (proper nutrition, vitamins, care in the form of masks and leave-on cream, minimal use of hair dryer and irons).

Proper care

To grow hair at home, first of all, it needs proper and high-quality care, the so-called beauty ritual: first shampoo (stage of cleansing), then balm (moisturizing stage), mask (nutrition) – for deep nourishment of hair, and leave-on cream (care) – for the ends and making hair smooth and shiny.

  • Choose products from the same range, because only in combination products work more effectively, complementing each other.
  • Do not neglect the hair mask. You think that the result is imperceptible? Try to use the mask 1-2 times a week, putting it on wet hair, leaving 10-15 cm from the roots and leave it for 5 minutes (not 1, not 2, but 5, as written in the instruction). In a month you will see the difference – your hair is smoother, more manageable and soft.
  • Once every 2 weeks, use a scrub for sensitive scalps. The fine particles will remove residues of styling products, keratinized epidermis and sebum. Consequently, the nutrients of the shampoo and balm will better penetrate the structure of the hair.

Proper daily habits

  • Be sure to include protein in your diet (poultry, seafood, red lean meat, cottage cheese). Protein is not only the basis of muscle mass, but also an important “participant” in creating strong and healthy hair;
  • Comb your hair from bottom to top;
  • Don’t brush and towel-dry hair when it’s wet, as you’ll only cause more damage;
  • Avoid (if possible) using hair curlers, curling irons, and hair dryers. Yes, nowadays the manufacturers of curlers are trying to make them more “gentle” for the hair and less traumatic. However, one should not forget that the curling iron, which you use to straighten hair and curl curls, heats hair at a temperature range of 110-230ºC, and releases steam, which softens the keratin of the upper layer of hair, removing moisture, drying the hair and “pressing” the cuticle. As a result, the protective keratin layer is destroyed, nutrients evaporate and the hair is thinning;
  • If you can’t do without a blow dryer or iron, make sure you use an indelible cream-care or cream-oil with heat protection before styling your hair;
  • Don’t wear your hair in tight hairstyles like ponytails, braids or buns.

Haircuts for growing hair

Despite the fact that the haircut “cascade” was popular in the 90’s, it has not lost its relevance. Due to the different lengths of hair, neat filleting can give the hairstyle volume and create the illusion of thick hair. Only an experienced stylist can choose the right haircut, help with color and tips on how to properly style your hair to survive the transition period.

Girls fall into two camps: those who always wear their hair loose and those who seek to pinned hair. The French say: clean hair is already a hairstyle. So it is enough to use texturizing sprays, comb your hair back, fixing it with a styling agent and complete the image with an accessory in the form of a silk scarf or a beautiful barrette. If you are one of those who gather your hair, then a bundle, a deliberately careless ponytail or braid is the best choice.

How to grow hair after a short haircut?

That awkward moment when you cut your hair and a moment later you regret what you did and wish you could grow it back. It’s worse if you’ve decided to grow it back after a bad haircut. Trust me, short hair is not a sentence, it makes styling much easier, it dries faster and, let’s be honest, there are fewer problems with it. The hardest part is when they start to grow out.

Many stylists are convinced: any length of hair is beautiful and represents a huge opportunity to change your image. Take the example of Hollywood actresses who are constantly changing the image for the role! Imagine you’re an actress and you have a few looks to try! Short hair can be textured with gel (like Emma Watson), slicked back (like Kaley Cuoco) or decorated with a headband (like Selena Gomez).

Do I have to trim my ends when I grow out my hair?

The overall condition of hair can be assessed not so much by shine, smoothness and silkiness, but by one factor alone: split ends. If your hair looks messy, if it’s of different lengths (and the reason for that is not filleting) and constantly tangled, go to your stylist – mercilessly cut the ends.

You might exclaim, why would you want to cut your hair if you’re growing it out. We’ve said it many times before about taking a holistic approach, so before you grow out your dream length, trim the split ends and only then start growing and taking care of your hair, using balms, masks and creams that seem to seal the hair cuticle.

It is enough to visit the stylist once every 2 months and follow the useful tips (limit the use of irons, tight hairstyles). By the way, stylists advise to cut the ends on the growing moon and then the hair will grow faster. Let’s see.

Salon procedures

  • Mesotherapy is the injection of a “cocktail” of vitamins, nutrients, and trace elements into the scalp by 2-4 mm. Injections not only solve the problem of baldness and breakage, but also promote hair density. It takes from 10-15 procedures to achieve the first visible result.
  • D’Arsonvalization – a procedure in which low-frequency current activates “sleeping” follicles, normalizes the condition of hair follicles;
  • Cryotherapy – massage with liquid nitrogen to improve blood circulation and activate the metabolic processes in the skin.

Salon procedures aimed at stimulating hair growth should be carried out during the course (10-15 procedures, depending on the condition of your hair) with a break of 2-3 months. Moreover, some procedures are very painful, expensive and only applied in exceptional cases on the insistence of the doctor. Therefore, before doing them, be sure to consult with a cosmetologist and trichologist.

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