15 methods to volume curly hair

15 Methods How to add volume to your hair

Today we will tell you about the TOP products and methotd that will help you in the fight for hair volume. These tips will be especially useful for girls with curly and wavy hair.

Cleansing shampoo

One of the problems is the accumulation of products and minerals living in hard water areas. You don’t have to see or feel the product and mineral deposits that will make your hair heavier. In order to keep curls clear, healthy, light and full, you must wash your hair once a month with deep cleaning shampoo! If your hair shape is very bad may even need to use two or three of these shampoos to restore your hair to full health. Always, always after this follow up with a very good deep conditioning treatment!

Volumizing Shampoo

Aussie volume shampoo is one of the best mass market shampoos we have tried. Suitable for thin, soft hair that loses volume easily. You can buy it in almost any supermarket.

Volumizing Conditioner

Petal Fresh Volumizing conditioner is the lightest of the brand’s conditioners, it detangles well, moisturizes without weighing it down (which is what we need). You can buy it on Amazon.

Volumizing Mousse

Aussie Mousse, with Bamboo & Kakadu Plum, Headstrong Volume is a best mousse for fine hair, our budget favorite with a thick consistency. Squeezes out in big clouds and grows. Gives good volume, strong hold and texture on hair. Sold in many supermarkets.

Salt Spray

While there are many products for volume at the roots, the volume of the main part of the hair is often ignored. Salt sprays are very helpful in creating texture, giving a matte effect and super volume. This one from Alaffia looks like the least drying hair product to me. You can buy it on Amazon.

Volumizing Powder

Briogeo Volume Powder is our favorite styling product, this powder makes everyone look voluminous beautiful lion.

Afro Pick Comb

Afro Pick comb is for all curly people for lifting sad roots, for “whipping” or harmless frizz. You just put the Afro pick under the roots and lift the mop of hair. We always have one of these with us in any bag. You can buy it on Amazon.

Long Metal Clips

Clip at the roots. Don’t like the wet blanket look that appears when your curly hair dries on your scalp? Whether it is air-dried or diffuser-dried, duckbill clips are the secret to gaining more volume at the top. Use these long metal clips to hold a single curl at the root and away from the scalp. (Do not lay them flat for the most natural look.) After the hair is dry, remove the clips and massage the roots with your fingers.

Tall Pineapple

Sleep in a tall pineapple. Before going to bed, comb your hair into a tall and loose pineapple (tight will cause wrinkles), and then fasten it with a satin headband. It is useful for this overnight volume hack-no heating is required. Your hair will dry out and flake off your scalp, so when you wake up and pull it off, you will immediately have volume.

Another Parting

Change your part. You probably have a favorite hair part. The problem is that this is also the flattest part of your hair, and you have trained it to maintain this state. The fastest way to cheat the volume is to switch the partition to the other side under normal circumstances. If you usually part on the left side of your hair, split it on the right side for immediate lift.

Do Everything Upside Down

We think this is the biggest factor in how we get root volume in our curls. When we stand and wash the hair in the shower, we always flatten it, turn it upside down to season it, and rinse it upside down. Apply all products to the hair, and your head is constantly messy from side to side. This causes the roots to rise and create volume.

Cut It Right

A hairstyle of one length can hold down your curls. Visit a talented curly hair stylist who can reshape your hair to create a fuller, more balanced look. The curls are pieced together like a puzzle to create a hairstyle that is not too flat at the top and not too bulky at the end.

Shake Your Hair Out

Use your fingers to shake the hair upside down, then twist it up and shake the hair to the position you want.

Diffuser Drying

Do it upside down with your hair, and then flit it side to side. The job of the diffuser is to stretch the roots without causing frizz. Warming your roots will give you extra capacity and greater curling styling.

Hair Plopping

Hair plopping is a way to make curly hair dry faster after taking a shower. It also increases the volume of defined curls without frizz. You should not use ordinary towels for this because it can absorb moisture from your hair. Moisture is very important for curly hair, which is naturally very dry and sensitive. This is why you should use soft fabrics such as cotton T-shirts, microfiber towels or hydrophilic cloths. After using the styler and before starting to dry your hair, let your hair soak.