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What is the curly girl method or how to properly care for curly hair?

Curly hair often has a life of its own. They frizz, tangle and do not lend themselves to styling – and sometimes it gives discomfort. But girls have decided to tame their curls collectively – the Curly Girl Method community is gaining popularity online. Under the tag hundreds of thousands of publications in which users …

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how to laminate hair at home

How to laminate Your hair at home

While the salons are closed, we continue to introduce you to the procedures that you can do yourself. We propose to make the salon hair lamination. It requires only three ingredients, which you probably already have at home. In the salons, professional lamination do with a special agent that completely envelopes the hair and creates a thin invisible membrane that protects against damage, high temperatures during styling and other external negative factors. The process of self-laminating at home is not very different from the salon, changing only the composition through which the effect is achieved. To prepare a laminating solution, you need regular gelatin. It contains collagen and protein. These ingredients help to improve the condition of the hair. Ingredients Gelatin – 1 tablespoon Water – 3 tablespoons Balm for the hair – the amount depends on the length How to prepare Mix gelatin and water, put on a water bath and stir until a homogeneous mass without lumps is formed. Then cool the resulting mixture and add conditioner – so much so that the mask is enough for the entire length of your …

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