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Which Protective Style Is Right For Me?

We all want to experiment sometimes. In this article, we’re going to talk about how to protect your hair and minimize the harm from hot styling if you can’t give it up.

The choosing of protection for your hair depends on several factors:

  • your hair characteristics: texture, elasticity, strength, hygroscopicity, porosity;
  • health of your hair;
  • time you are willing to spend doing protection routine;
  • your personal preference.

What do we need to protect our hair from?

There is a huge variety of stylers on the market now, for simplicity, let’s single out two groups: hair dryers and irons.

Of course, straightening hair with air (hairdryer), even hot, is less aggressive than contact with hot iron plates. And in 80% of cases, a good hair dryer and a high-quality brush are enough for smoothness. Ironing may be required for a couple of finishing touches.

But never use a flat iron on wet or damp hair. When heated, the water evaporates, in contact with the iron, this evaporation occurs instantly, the gas bubbles do not have time to find a way out, and the hair breaks from the inside. You need to use hot devices ONLY on dry hair and only with thermal protection.

When it comes to brushes, there is no definitively correct advice. Someone prefers round brushes, someone flat brushes with natural bristles. The main thing is that they are not broken and do not injure the hair.

I want us to stop demonizing hot styling. There is no benefit from them, but the harm is not great either. The main thing is to follow simple rules. I know girls who pull out their curls every day and have some of the healthiest hair I’ve ever seen.

You say, “this is genetics.” Yes, 50% is input: hair thickness, density. But the second 50% is gentle care, regular deep conditioning and adherence to safe straightening rules.

What is thermal hair protection?

We all know that direct contact with hot styling gadgets is bad for hair. Thermal protection creates a cast and redistributes heat over the entire surface, protects the hair from harmful effects. Thermal protection is not only special products that say “thermal protection”, but also many styling products, such as milk, leave-in cream or hair foam.

There are several myths. The first myth is that thermal protection works at the expense of silicones, which ensure the glide of devices through the hair. The second myth says that thermal protection contains vitamins that minimize the negative effects of high temperatures.

In fact, the principle of thermal protection is to create a cast on the hair that redistributes heat, so the hair itself heats up and is less damaged.

TOP-6 products with thermal protection

Briogeo Farewell Frizz

Briogeo Farewell Frizz is a creamy thermal protector smoothes and softens curls, hair looks very well-groomed with it.

Moroccanoil Heat Styling Protector

It’s although a spray, but according to reviews, a rather heavy product, is more suitable for owners of thick and thick hair.

Matrix Heat Buffer

This is a spray with good thermal protection and medium hold of the styling: it will give density to the hair without losing its movement.

Redken Iron Shape Thermal Holding Spray

It provides good protection when styling with an iron / curling iron, does not weigh hair down.

Tigi Bed Head Foxy Curls Mousse

It’s one of the best mousse. You can use it with every style: in addition to protection, it provides good density and hold of the hair.

Kapous Thermo Barrier

Many people praise this spray: quite a budget and working product.

Do you use thermal protection? Share your good finds.