hottest bangs in 2021

Top 10 Hottest Bangs in 2021

The bangs allow you to change the image without a radical haircut. It can visually rejuvenate by hiding wrinkles on the forehead, and harmonize the shape of the face.

The length and form of bangs can be chosen based on the type of hair and the shape of the face. And, of course, trends. We collected the most fashionable variants of bangs in 2021. “Baby” and French, ragged, curtain or curly! Everyone can find the perfect frame for her face, regardless of its shape and her age.

“Baby” bangs

Short and movingly opening the forehead fringes, as for children on retro photos, is one of the most fashionable in 2021. Most of all it goes to the owners of oval and slightly elongated faces. Perfectly combined with bob, mullet and shag haircuts.

Ragged bangs

With the return into fashion of multilayered shag haircuts bangs also became popular. A haircut with such bangs visually makes younger and helps to harmonize round and square faces with a heavy bottom part.

Curly bangs

The global lockdown of 2020 has had a significant impact on hairstyling trends. Without access to beauty salons, millions of women have considered and loved the natural color and texture of their hair. And curly bangs are one of the biggest quarantined trends. While bangs used to be tried to tame and straighten, now they emphasize curl and give freedom. Curly bangs perfectly hides too high forehead, creates the effect of volume on thin hair and in general looks young and perky.

Curtain bangs

Closing the forehead, slightly elongated on the sides bangs, which can be stacked both straight and to the side, and removed from the forehead, again relevant. The classic is a quiffy bangs with smooth hair or soft waves. But the freshest and trendiest option is to cut the bangs with a floppy bangs + shag, a tiered haircut.

French bangs

It can be cut smoothly and evenly over the eyebrows or just partially covering the eyebrows, perfectly smooth and shiny – classic French bangs are in fashion. Especially with this season’s topical bob and “bob” haircuts (elongated bob).