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How to draw arrows: 5 ways for the most inept

Classic arrows, which suit almost any girl so well, are one of the most difficult techniques to execute, especially if you’re using liquid eyeliner. One wrong move of the hand and all is lost! Especially for those who can’t handle arrows, we’ve put together 5 step-by-step instructions – at least one of them will probably work for you.

It’s no secret that every woman draws arrows in her own way. Someone starts with a raised tip, and someone generally from the middle of the eyelid. Some first draw a clear contour, and then “paint over” it. There are even skillful women who can draw a straight arrow with one stroke. And, of course, there is no one who can not cope with this task. It’s just that you, as an artist, need to find your style.

Method #1: Blue shadow arrow

An excellent option for those who are not sure that they can draw a perfectly straight arrow – in any case, you will cover it with shadows with the effect of shading, so you do not need to worry about the clear contour.

  1. Apply beige eyeshadow to the mobile eyelid and add a touch of shimmer.
  2. Using liquid black eyeliner, draw an arrow, preferably a thin one.
  3. Use blue glitter eye shadow – apply it to the arrow before the eyeliner dries.
  4. Add a little of the same shade to your lower eyelid. It’s done!

Method #2: Draw the arrow in two layers

arrow in two layers

The easiest way to draw a straight arrow is to first draw a line very close to your lashes and then draw a second line on top.

  1. Start by underlining the lash line with a liquid eyeliner. Then start to draw the arrow from the tip – indent a little distance from the outer corner of the eye. Tighten the eyelid just a little to make the line even.
  2. From the “tail” of our arrow, draw a line to the middle, still pulling the eyelid a little taut.
  3. The closer you get to the inner corner of the eye, the thinner the arrow should become and gradually fade away.
  4. You can highlight the kajal with a black pencil if you wish.

Method #3: Draw the outline of the arrow first

This method is very handy if you’re not sure that your hand won’t flinch and you can draw the line in one continuous motion. To perform it, do not use a liquid eyeliner, but a special felt-tip pen or stick.

  1. First draw a thin arrow from the outer corner of the eye in the direction of the eyebrow – it should look up.
  2. Then from almost the middle of the eye draw another thin line and connect it to the first one.
  3. You’ve got the outline of the arrow – all that’s left to do is to fill in the free space. It’s really easy!

Method #4: Draw the arrow in a few strokes

If all the other options for creating arrows have failed, try drawing it with a few jerky strokes.

  1. First, highlight the outer corner of your eye and the lower eyelid with beige eyeshadow.
  2. Begin to draw the arrow from the inner corner to the middle of the eyelid. Then interrupt and create the tip of the arrow with a jerky motion – from the outer corner of the eye and slightly beyond it.
  3. So, you’ve got two strokes – put them together!
  4. For the arrow to be clear, a little pull on the moving eyelid and run the eyeliner again, with a second layer.

Method #5: Cheat!

And our last tip for the most inept: if you can’t get an even arrow tip in any way, just stick a piece of tape near the outer corner of your eye and start creating. The film will not let the extra eyeliner flow and the arrow will be perfect. The main thing is not to touch your eyelashes with the tape, otherwise you will get in trouble!