manicure at home

How To Make Manicure At Home

All of us, for well-known reasons, try to spend as much time at home as possible and minimize contact with the outside world. Unfortunately, going to the master in this situation is also better to postpone. We tell you how to make a manicure at home no worse than in the salon.

How To Get Nail Polish Off Correctly?

Before applying a new color, it is important to carefully remove the old varnish from the nails. Use an acetone-free remover to avoid damaging the keratin layer of the nail plate. Soak a cotton pad in it and remove the polish in the direction from the base to the tip of the nail.

Moisten Your Hands Before

Before your manicure and coat, you need to take care to moisturize your skin and nails. Some experts recommend using warm olive oil for this. Apply it to your hands, massage it and let it dry.

Treat The Cuticle Properly

The next step is the cuticle. To get rid of excess material, apply a special product – such as Sally Hansen – and wait about a minute. After such a “mask” all imperfections can easily be removed with an orange stick. Then use nail oil or cream and let it soak in.

Choose Quality Tools

It’s time to invest in a good manicure kit. Say goodbye to paper files as soon as possible and use higher quality ones. They are not only easier to work with, but also more efficient. Take a good look at the Schere & Nagel set. Inside are several files (“smart” for cuticles, polishing and sealing for nails) plus a bioceramic pencil and a felt tip with oils to soften and remove cuticles.

File Your Nails Gently

The main rule is not to file too much so as not to traumatize your nails. Gentle movements from the center to the edge and back will give a harmonious result. After you’ve shaped your nails, use a polishing block – it will help smooth the surface and remove any cuticle debris.

Apply Your Nail Polish In Three Coats

It may seem obvious, but we’ll remind you once again: before applying nail polish, you need to create a base that protects the nail. This will make your nails smooth and the color will lay better. Also, make sure the nail polish is not expired and is of good quality. Finish the result with another top coat, which will seal the nails and give them a glow. All coats should dry well so that the coverage lasts as long as possible.

Take Care Of Your Nails After Your Manicure

Sometimes improvised home remedies work better than creams or special oils. For example, if your nails became yellow after the nail polish remover, tea tree oil can help. And vinegar will remove the oil and grease and prepare the nail plate for coverage – before you paint your nails, just wipe them with a cotton pad soaked in vinegar.