how to get rid of dark circles

14 Best Ways how to get rid of dark circles

Dark circles under the eyes and puffy eyelids don’t look good on anyone. And the reason is not always related to the daily regimen, chronic lack of sleep or vitamin deficiency. Sometimes it is a problem with the stomach or kidneys. And sometimes it’s annoying heredity … But want it or not, we need to go to work, meet with friends and shine at parties. How to get rid of bruises under the eyes, so as not to use a permanent foundation or corrector, which dry out the skin and lead to wrinkles?

#1 Take Your Makeup Off At Night

take makeup off

No matter how tired you are, taking makeup off your eyes is sacred. Makeup residue clogs your pores and pollutes them. In addition, cosmetics left on overnight draw moisture from the skin. Considering that the eyes have a very thin epidermis and almost no fatty layer, it is obvious that dark circles and puffy eyelids are often the result of such carelessness. Remove makeup thoroughly, but gently and gently, using cotton pads and an eye cleanser. If you rub your eyelids too hard, you can damage the blood vessels and you can add redness to the blush.

#2 Cold On The Eyelids

Wash your face with cold water and make cold compresses on the eyes using decoction of chamomile or green tea. Ice cubes, including vegetable juices, rosehip broth, or herbal teas, may also relieve blueness and puffiness. Such procedures tone and refresh the skin. But do not get carried away with hot water, as it makes the dark circles even brighter.

#3 Cucumber Fresh

The best mask to help get rid of bruises at home is from fresh cucumber. To do this, cut a cold cucumber into thin slices, and cut the slices into halves. Place them on the lower and upper eyelid and lie down for 15 minutes. Cucumber juice lightly bleaches the skin, so dark spots are lightened and puffiness goes down because of the astringent properties of this vegetable.

#4 Coffee For The Skin

Whipped egg white is an excellent way to reduce puffiness. It not only absorbs excess moisture from the skin, but also tightens it. The result is enhanced if you add 2 tsp. of coffee grounds to it. Apply the mask to the skin under the eyes with a brush, and after 15 minutes, wash it off with cold water.

There is nothing surprising in this. Caffeine has a powerful tonic effect, stimulating blood circulation and renewing cells. Constant use of coffee masks over time makes black eyes unnoticeable, as long as you use natural coffee, of course.

#5 Mesotherapy And Injections

The procedure is injections with hyaluronic acid, collagen, elastin, vitamins and trace elements. It is a painful procedure, but very effective. Hyaluronic acid-based fillers visually eliminate the problem. They are injected rather deeply into the periorbital area (the area around the eyes). The fillers lift the sunken areas as well as move the venous vessels away from the surface of the skin, thus visually smoothing out the problem. Fillers are only injected once, and the effect lasts up to a year.

#6 Apparatus Lymph Drainage

This is a procedure during which the beautician massages the skin around the eyes with his hands, massagers with vacuum attachments or special devices with microcurrents. This improves blood circulation in the skin and microcirculation, and as a pleasant bonus wrinkles disappear and the complexion improves. The lymph takes away toxins and the blood doesn’t stagnate. No hernias appear or progress. Apparatus procedures stimulate blood microcirculation, improve blood outflow, and increase lymphatic drainage.

#7 Laser Therapy

If more serious measures are needed to combat circles under the eyes, you can try laser therapy. This treatment breaks up the fatty deposits under the eyes and smooths out the skin, which will significantly lighten as a result. Another treatment for healthy rested eyes is intensive phototherapy. It is based on actively treating problem areas with pulses of high-intensity filtered light, resulting in the breakdown of fatty deposits and smoothing out the skin.

#8 The Magic Power Of Oil

And here is another tip on how to remove bags under the eyes, without resorting to cosmetics and services of aesthetic clinics. You will need natural oils – olive, almond, coconut, linseed, avocado, rosehip, shea butter or wheat germ oil. Apply a thin layer of oil under the eyes, leave it overnight, and in the morning look in the mirror at a refreshed face. Natural oils contain polyunsaturated fatty acids, phytohormones, vitamins and trace elements. They nourish and moisturize your skin, smooth out wrinkles and detoxify your body.

#9 Hot Showers

You can also take a hot shower by first warming up the bathroom and filling it with warm steam. The same effect will be after a sauna. If in addition to bags you have blue eyes, do not stay long in the steam room. By the way, to prevent dark circles and puffiness, keep a humidifier in the room. Extra hydration is good for the skin, and makes the face look younger and fresher.

#10 Exercise For The Skin

Get rid of the circles and bags under the eyes will help facial exercises, which, if you believe cosmetologists, replaces plastic surgery. Exercises for skin tone are easy to do, and they do not take much time. For example, squeeze your eyes tightly shut, then quickly open them and leave them open for 10 seconds, trying to tense your eyelids. Or you can simply close and open your eyes, holding each position for a few seconds. Such exercises will stimulate the blood in the tissues and all the excess fluid will disappear together with the dark circles.

#11 Milk Baths

Many people have heard about Cleopatra’s milk baths. It was thanks to them that she always looked amazing, and even in her advanced years she had success with men. The secret of her beauty was milk and honey. Cleopatra took milk baths with honey, after which her skin was soft and velvety, and wrinkles left no trace. Make milk and honey lotions for your eyes, mixing milk and honey, and you will see the result. Use cotton pads, liberally saturate them with chilled honey milk and lay with the lotions for 15 minutes. After the procedure, don’t forget to wash your face!

#12 Lifestyle

It is important to get enough sleep, drink more clean water, not abuse alcohol, rest and eat right. These are the most important rules to get rid of under-eye circles and puffy eyelids. Salt less food, and instead of smoked foods and sweets eat dairy products, vegetables and fruits. And of course, take care of your mind, because nerve cells do not regenerate, but bruises and bags appear under the eyes, often because of stress…

#13 Quality Cosmetics

If you choose the right skin care products, you can gradually solve the problem of dark circles under the eyes. The creams should contain vitamins C, A, K and caffeine, which strengthen blood vessels, saturate tissues with oxygen and make the skin clearer, healthier and younger.

#14 Permanent Makeup

Dark circles can be camouflaged with permanent makeup: a lighter pigment is injected into the lower eyelid, overlaying the darker shade of skin. The effect of such a procedure lasts for about three to five years. The higher the speed of metabolic processes, the shorter the effect. For example, in athletes it can last for three years, and in those who are not into fitness, and all five. The procedure lasts on average a couple of hours. In the first days, the color of your makeup will be a little brighter – it’s important to know this so you don’t panic. Also, for four days after the perm, redness and swelling may remain in the lower eyelid area, and the skin will peel. In order to heal as quickly as possible, set aside all decorative cosmetics for a week and do not touch the crusts that form on the skin.

Treat yourself with care and love, and especially the skin of your face and eyelids. They say that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, so let it always be clean!