best exercises to make your butt bigger

Top 10 Best Glute Exercises To Make your Butt Bigger

The thicker the large gluteal muscles, the more trim and attractive the butt looks. Therefore, the main goal of those who want a beautiful butt is to load the buttocks properly, so that the muscles grow and increase in size. For this purpose, we suggest performing a few simple but very effective exercises.

How and how much to train

To evenly pump all the fibers of the gluteal muscles, choose three to three exercises for one workout, three for the second, and on the third workout do the rest. Alternate them each workout.

Start with three sets and gradually increase to five. Rest for two to three minutes in between. Also, don’t forget about recovery. Train every other day (3-4 times a week).

What exercises to do with elastic bands for the buttocks

#1 Lift the pelvis with one leg resting (from a bench, sofa, chair)

The exercise consists of 2 parts. First part is a work in short amplitude, holding the leg vertically, lower and raise the pelvis exactly half of the possible range of motion. After performing 10 times, move to the second stage of the exercise. Keeping your hips in line with the body and the knee, start lifting and lowering the working leg. Lower your hips to the same position with the supporting leg, and raise it flat to the vertical. Exhale with effort.

lift the pelvis with one leg resting

#2 Sumo squat with weights (on step-platforms, benches)

It is necessary to take the dumbbell at the base (by the pancake) with two hands, bending them slightly at the elbow joints. Legs, spread wider than shoulders (similar to sumo style in deadlift), knees slightly bent, socks bent outside. As you inhale, do a smooth, slow, controlled squat until you reach the parallel between the thighs and the floor line, fixate in that position for 1-2 seconds to feel the muscles, then as you exhale return to the starting position. When squatting, your back should be straight, slightly bent in the lower back, arms still, head not bent, eyes always directed forward.

#3 Pelvic floor raises with leg spreads (using an elastic band)

Put an elastic band around your hips and place it slightly above your knees. Lie on the floor (mat), bend your knees and place your feet about shoulder width apart so that your heels extend slightly beyond the level of your knees. Pull your socks toward you and lift them off the floor, shifting all your body weight to your heels. As you exhale, squeeze your buttocks hard and push them upward while spreading your legs apart. Slightly lower your pelvis down, but don’t put it on the floor, and again making a push upward, bring your legs together
Perform the required number of times.

#4 Cross front lunges with weights

Lunges with dumbbells in hand are alternating steps with squatting on the front leg in full amplitude. The wider we do the step, the more the glutes and biceps of the thigh are loaded, the narrower the step, the more the quadriceps is worked. So you can vary the load between these muscle groups depending on what muscles you want to work in today’s workout.

#5 Leg drop in crossover position

Take the starting position, for which you need to grasp the trainer with your hands, leaning slightly forward. Put the right leg on the footrest on the trainer, and the left leg on the roller so that the roller is placed strictly below the knee joint, but above the ankle. Inhale with your chest full and lift your left thigh to fix the result at the highest point. As you exhale, smoothly return the left leg to the original point, while tensing all the muscles. The number of repetitions for this leg will depend on your trainer’s recommendations. Do an exact repetition on the right leg.

#6 Leg Extension on the stair-stepper (with the expansion band)

Place the lock in the lower position, slide the tube(s) of the resistance band through the loop of the lock and fasten it to the cuff on your leg. Stand facing the wall and rest your hands on the back of the chair. In the initial position, the expansion band should have a slight tension. As you exhale, pull your leg back as much as possible, pause, and return to the starting position. Perform the exercise with maximum amplitude. After performing the exercise on one leg, do the same amount on the other leg.

#7 Squat with barbell

Approach the squat rack, grip the bar with your grip from above, hands slightly wider than shoulders. Stand up, take the barbell off the rack, take a couple of steps forward, taking the starting position: legs slightly wider than shoulder height, toes about 35 degrees apart, weight on both feet and shoulder blades together. Take a deep breath and, holding your breath, start lowering. Don’t forget to take your knees in the correct position, with your knees out and to the sides, buttocks backward, torso tilted forward at about 45 degrees with straight back, heels planted on the floor. Tense your abs, transfer the whole body weight to your heels. When your hips are parallel with the floor (knees should not go beyond the toe line), tense your gluteus and thigh muscles and start to rise, while “pulling” the body upward with your chest, not with the neck, to avoid stretching. Once you have passed the most difficult part of the lift – the “peak” – you must start exhaling. Continue exhaling until you reach the starting position.

#8 Back Lunges with Dumbbells

Stand up straight in front of the mirror. Take dumbbells in both hands. Take a big step back with your left foot. Lower your hips to the floor until your front (right) knee forms a 90 degree angle. Push yourself upward. Most of the force should come from your front (right) leg (to work your glute muscles better, push yourself out with your heel). Return the back (left) leg to the starting position. Do not put pressure on your knees during the lift, as this reduces the effect of the exercise and can lead to injury. Repeat the exercise. This time do it for your right leg. Change sides for each repetition.

#9 Jumping jacks with squats and leg raises on a step platform

Cross your arms over your chest. Point your gaze forward, straighten your back, and put your feet at shoulder width. Keeping your back straight, as you inhale, squat to parallel with the floor or lower. Stretch your chest upwards. On the exhale, jump out as high as you can. Your hips act like springs. When your feet touch the floor, squat and jump out again. Repeat the required number of times. Warning: this exercise is not recommended for those with knee or back injuries. Watch your landing. Lower yourself to the floor with both feet at the same time (your toes touching the floor first). Improper landing can lead to sprained ligaments.

#10 Bringing your legs toward you (with the fitball in place)

Lie on your back, place one leg on the fitball and lift your pelvis until your body is fully erect. Turn the other leg with the knee and foot outward. Fix this position and lift your free leg. Do 15-20 repetitions, then repeat on the other leg.